How to Properly Use Queens and Kings in Rummy Hero?

Queens and Kings in Rummy Hero

In 2023, we surveyed the Rummy Hero game, asking players randomly about their favourite cards.

The Joker card took first place.

Indeed, everyone loves the Joker card, and I believe all players like it because it can form a sequence with any card and its point value is zero.

Since there’s a favourite card, is there also a least favourite card?

I guess it’s the Kings, Queens, and Jacks, also known as face cards, right?

They pose a very high risk because their point value is 10, and they are challenging to form a pure sequence with.

Typically, as soon as players get them, they discard them immediately.

We all know that Kings, Queens, and Jacks are called “face cards” and are highly valued in Rummy Hero.

Whether in traditional Rummy Hero games or online cash Rummy Hero games, we need to focus on these cards first.

If possible, we should discard them as quickly as possible.

So, how exactly should we use these cards?

Here are methods for properly handling Queens and Kings for Rummy Hero:

  1.  Complete Various Combinations: For instance, combine them with a Jack and Ace or number cards. Examples include J, Q, K or Q, K, A or 10, J, Q, or even 9, 10, J as suitable combinations.
  2.  Arrange Sequences Early: If you have multiple face cards, arrange them into sequences within the first few moves, preferably into a pure sequence.
  3.  Incorporate Them into Existing Combinations: For example, if you have 8, 9, or 10 in your hand, consider adding J to the sequence. This allows you to discard other high-point cards, saving a discard opportunity.
  4.  Combine Three of a Kind: If you cannot discard, combine three Queens or three Kings. If you have a pure sequence, these three Queens can be eliminated, significantly reducing your point burden.
  5.  Utilize Four of a Kind: If you have four Kings and four Queens, each with a maximum value of 10 points, totalling 40 points, you can quickly eliminate these 40 points by combining them into a pure sequence.
  6.  Discard Face Cards Early: If you have a few face cards, try to discard them early to exchange for lower-value cards. This prepares you for the worst-case scenario, as your opponent might have excellent cards and could declare soon.
  7.  Reduce Your Risk: Discarding early reduces risk and might increase your opponent’s points. For instance, if you see your opponent picking up Q or K, consider possibly discarding J or A to trouble them.
  8.  Use Joker Cards: Add a Joker card if you have only two Queens or two Kings. The Joker can be combined with QK to form pairs or sequences.
  9.  Combine Face Cards with Number Cards: Aim to form a pure sequence. For example, if you have 8 or 9, consider holding J for 2-3 rounds. If you get 10, you can instantly eliminate 37 points, a significant achievement.

These nine tips are methods for handling Queens and Kings.

The content might be extensive, so we recommend noting and practising these tips regularly in games.

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